Unified Computing Solutions

Cisco UCS combines computing, networking, storage access, and virtualization into a single system. Compared to traditional servers, this unification increases business agility, simplifies IT management, and reduces total cost of ownership. With UCS, physical infrastructure can be configured automatically through software instead of by hand. The result is a manageable, agile, flexible, and cost effective computing architecture for businesses of all sizes.

With Netcube IT’s engineering expertise and Cisco UCS, we can help your organization dramatically increase efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership by finally addressing age-old data center challenges.

Benefits Of Netcube It Unified Computing System Solutions

A Single Unified System

Servers, network, and I/O resources are combined into one easily managed system.

Intelligent Infrastructure

By removing the personality, configuration, and connectivity of server and I/O resources, these attributes can be programmed through centralized software.

Unified Management

UCS enables the IT team to create a configuration template for system resources. Using these templates, policies and workloads can be consistently aligned across the entire data center.

Unified Fabric

Cisco UCS combines three network layers into one. Simply wire your system once and use software, not more cabling, to add features and segment your network.

Fabric Extender (FEX) Technology

With FEX, the network fabric is extended directly to blade servers and virtual machines. Traffic meets at a single point for centralized management with greater visibility and control over virtualized environments.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

UCS reduces TCO by streamlining data center resources and reducing the number of devices that require setup, management, power, cooling, and cabling.

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