Netcube IT offers solutions and services to build new data centres or upgrade retrofit, and right-size on-premise, hybrid architectures of centralised, regional, and local edge.

Data center solutions can be described as products and services which are required to create an operational data center. These products include IT equipment, storage systems, firewalls, routers, etc. Data center solutions also come with physical infrastructure such as cooling systems, generators, batteries as well as cables. As far as the services go, data center solutions include installation, technical support, and configuration services.

You’ve heard it before: your data will continue to grow exponentially, and you must be prepared to manage more data, as well as utilize the information in more ways. At Netcube IT , we have the experience, expertise and objectivity

Data Center Power and Cooling

As a data center runs hotter, it is imperative to balance performance with higher cooling costs and potential downtime. At Netcube IT, we can build a solution that fits your infrastructure needs.

Server Room Technology

From high density, high-performance servers to the latest pocket-sized devices your IT infrastructure is large, connected.

Data Storage

Data is valuable, and you don’t want to risk losing it. Data backup and recovery strategies can protect your information, and perform management.


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can provide the help you scale your cloud data solutions quickly and efficiently as your data grows.

Network Management

Keep your network efficient and organized. From network modernization and infrastructure to wireless networking.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Update your legacy infrastructures with a modern solution that is simple to install and manage.


Get more out of your IT infrastructure through network virtualization and Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) solutions.

Infrastructure Services

Netcube IT Amplified™ Infrastructure services bridge gaps in expertise, tools and resources to scale and future-proof your data center architecture.

At Netcube IT, our Credo isn't just a list of values we thought sounded good. It's our foundation, our philosophy, our core beliefs. Get Started