Enterprise Networks

As the data center environment expands, enterprises must find newer ways to improve efficiency. To increase performance and improve the data management networks availability, enterprises are migrating the overall system configuration from the traditional, dedicated server-to-storage direct connection to a switched server-to-storage shared connection using fiber optic cabling.

A properly structured fiber optic cabling system is an essential component that can help you manage system complexity and facilitate future growth and reconfiguration. The major advantage of structured cabling is the ability to manage change, planned and unplanned.

Networks are the backbone of your business and periodic evaluation is critical to accommodate new applications and keep pace with business requirements. In today's business environment, enabling your network to work with multiple channels of communication is paramount. Netcube IT provides design, integration and management services for customers that require flexible, robust and resilient network infrastructures. Our end-to-end solutions in network integration assists customers in complex network upgrades and mergers, expansions or new implementations involving routers, switches,Firewalls, servers and other networking equipment.

Network Optimization Solution

Network infrastructure is a cornerstone and a critical part of your business process. With the increasing infrastructure to cope with the organization's growth, it becomes crucial to examine the network and see how best to optimize performance and standardize the network to prevent frequent network outage.

With the growing business challenges, an organization's dependence on the network has increased on one hand while on the other, IT budgets are reducing. This along with growing business is leading to an expanding need for an optimized IT environment. Without a clear understanding of the network infrastructure, and the possible impacts of new business initiatives onto the network, severe performance issues may occur which might result in substantial loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction.

Network Infrastructure Optimization Solution is packaged to provide you with complete insight into your network performance and functionality. This service will aid you in capacity planning resource re-deployment, service provisioning and re-engineering of the network.

The Network Infrastructure Optimization Solution will address the following areas:


The ability to meet the end-user and application response times required for high productivity


Allows you to expand or contract the network, with limited disruption and expense, in response to significant shifts in your business environment


Features to protect the integrity of your information as it traverses your network, against a variety of perils and threats, while maintaining privacy


Capable of responding to peak-period requests, as well as providing high-quality, reliable service, 24x7.

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